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Total immersion in a paradise where life is slow……….
Treatment commences with a full body exfoliation made out of coconut pulp and seaweeds.  Purified, the skin is then ready for a nourishing full body wrap made out of coconut oil.  Treatment is complimented with a full body Lomi Lomi massage which with its constant enveloping pressure will pamper you leaving a feeling of total well being.  As a finishing touch the application of perle de tiare cream melts into the skin providing it with incredible softness.

€ 70.00

A secret world of dense and luxuriant forest…a land of a thousand enigmatic sounds where all the senses are on the alert

Treatment commences with a full body exfoliation saturated with stimulating ingredients and Brazil nut, which will gently exfoliate the skin.  Tantalised, the skin is cocooned in a self heating wrap made out of sea weeds and cocoa beans which, with its gentle heat, favours the elimination of toxins and muscular relaxation.  Treatment is complimented with an energising and tonifying massage which with its gentle stretching of the skin and slow deep tissue movements all over the whole body and scalp, give a sense of well being and vitality.

Skin is firmer and exudes an incredible radiance while body delights in an intense feeling of exhilarated well being.

€ 70.00

A voyage to a land of sunshine where, for centuries, treatment and purification rituals have been a part of everyday life.
Treatment commences with a full body exfoliation made out of seaweed and argan oil, leaving it purified and silky.  Stimulated, the skin is deep cleansed and purified with a warm full body wrap made out of pepper and seaweeds. Treatment is complimented with a relaxing full body massage that works on stretching the muscles and joints while improving the blood flow. 

Warm-hearted gestures aimed at eliminating toxins from the body. Skin reflects a sumptuous radiance, full of vitality while body is relieved of all its tensions.

€ 70.00


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